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Tim's Vermeer A deft and fascinating documentary about art, technology, and the creative spirit.
The Bang Bang Club True story of thrill-seeking photojournalists in South Africa just before the historic elections.
NoBody's Perfect An extraordinary documentary about 12 adults with disabilities caused by Thalidomide and how a special project gives them a fresh sense of community.
Frame by Frame A documentary about the photo revolution that has taken place in Afghanistan in the past decade.
Everlasting Moments An extraordinary film about a poor working-class mother of seven who keeps her soul alive through nurturing her talent as a photographer.
Born into Brothels An extraordinary documentary about a photographer who draws out the wonder and the creativity of some poor kids in Calcutta.
The Legend of Pale Male A crowd-pleasing documentary about the adventures of a wild red-tailed hawk and the people who love him in New York City.
Manufactured Landscapes An extraordinary documentary that helps us understand the full sweep and implications of the "Made in China" label.
Finding Vivian Maier A documentary about the reclusive photographer Vivian Maier that is a bit weird and wonderful
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty The story of a man prone to escape the present moment through fantasies who is transformed when he discovers his courage.