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Creating a Life with God Daniel Wolpert's experience in India that enabled him to appreciate the miracle of grace.
Just Because Melannie Svoboda's prayer-poem on God as an indispensable audience of one.
Naked Spirituality Brian McLaren on how the word open may help us open ourselves to God.
Listen with the Heart Joan Chittister's reminder of the bounties of blessings and the presence of God in the rituals of everyday life.
The Windows of Experience Fourteen paths to wholeness and healing.
The Little Box of Inner Calm Christopher Titmuss's poem on being present.
Love's Alchemy Fakhr al-Din Iraqi's poem "Seeking Your Trace" on the practice of questing.
Love's Voice Four kabbalistic haiku poems on God by Richard Zimler.
Divining the Body Jan Phillips on honoring our bodies as instruments of the Divine.
Intimate Death Marie de Hennezel on keeping company with those on the way to death