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Hajj Reflections on the Islamic Pilgrimage.
Abraham Joshua Heschel in God in Search of Man There is the grain of the prophet
Ron Miller in Wisdom of the Carpenter Learn from those who are nearest to me
Warning Voices A prayer for awareness and care.
The Indwelling One A meditation on 1 Kings 18:39.
Birthday of Bob Marley (PDP) Remembering the prophetic witness and spiritual power of the founder of reggae music.
Heart Meditation Practice Guidance for a heart-centered reflection on the Divine within.
Become More Juicy An invitation to follow the wisdom of Hildegard of Bingen to be juicy people.
Feast Day of St. Anthony of Padua A brief profile of St. Anthony of Padua, known as the patron saint of finding lost objects.
Isra and Mi’raj Celebrating the night journey of the Prophet Muhammad.