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Sacred Herbs Spirit Water A practice for creating a special form of water that is spiritually charged, giving it strong cleansing, healing, and protective properties.
Mongol Healing Ceremony A method for removing children's spiritual ailments.
Rectify our Hearts An invocation recognizing our shortcomings and seeking to be an instrument of benefit and right guidance.
Bless Your Home A spiritual exercise to help you explore the moods and meanings of winter.
Before You Pray A way to remove unwanted thoughts.
Wear Your Tears Remarks about crying as a cleansing release and a healing art that brings beauty to the face.
Look at Something Holy Sanctifying your sight.
The Contributions of Your Peers Instructions for cultivating compassion by considering your peers.
Regrets and Recriminations Letting of the past and cleansing your conscience.
Ritual Floor-Washing Ridding a house of evil influences.