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Finding Forrester A twist on the stereotype of a grumpy old man sharing life's lessons with a boy.
Frozen A 3D animated princess tale saluting sisterly love and female empowerment.
Earth A top-drawer documentary that provides a perfect occasion for families to celebrate the wonders, diversity, and miracles of nature and animals.
Another Year A down-to-earth exploration of love and loneliness by Mike Leigh, one of England's legendary directors.
The Tenth Man Another engaging and insightful drama by Argentinian director Daniel Burman on the pitfalls and perils of father-son relationships.
In the Forest of Siberia A French film about a burnt-out man who spends some prime time in the wilderness of Siberia seeking the insights of solitude.
The King of Masks Reveals the desperate lengths a resilient little girl will go to find a permanent home.
Four Christmases A hilarious comedy about the stress, the embarrassments, the squabbling, and the lessons learned on visits to our families during the holidays.
Aga Visually stunning portrait of the spiritual struggles of indigenous people to survive.
The Holdovers A dramedy about three people reframing sadness and loneliness during the holidays.