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The Sea of Trees A beguiling spiritual journey about grief, guilt, and the continuation of love after death.
Promised Land An engrossing and thought-provoking drama about fracking, big money, small town life, saving the environment, and trying to live with integrity in hard times.
Restless An offbeat and ruminative drama about two young people and their mutual obsession with death and dying.
Milk A superlative biopicture about the gay activist who worked tirelessly for the rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals.
Paranoid Park A sad portrait of a teenager who refuses to take moral responsibility for his actions.
Finding Forrester
Finding Forrester A twist on the stereotype of a grumpy old man sharing life's lessons with a boy.
Elephant A drama about the small events leading up to a shooting spree at a high school.
Gerry A parabolic film by Gus Van Sant that toys with the mysteries of identity, fate, and the harsh realities of wilderness experiences.
Finding Forrester The story of an unlikely friendship between a reclusive author and an academically gifted African American teenager, who turn out to be spiritual teachers for each other.