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A Woman's Spiritual Retreat A Woman's Spiritual Retreat: Teachings, Meditations, and Rituals to Celebrate Your Authentic Feminine Wisdom by Joan Borysenko presents stories, celebrations, and practices to support and sustain an e…
A Place for God Guidance on 250 retreat centers.
A Pelican in the Wilderness Salutes the pleasures and the peculiarities of a life of solitude.
Life is a Bed of Roses A parable about the serendipity of life and the fluidity of imagination.
Sacred Necessities Terry Hershey's devotional efforts to be quiet and find the inner sactuary of her soul.
Going on Retreat A general overview of the Christian retreat experience.
Sanctuaries A useful guide to lodgings in monasteries, abbeys, and retreats in these parts of the country.
Lost in Wonder A spiritual retreat for those yearning to see the world and themselves afresh.
The Recollected Heart Philip Zaleski on why we are never alone on a devotional retreat.
The Mind Is Mightier than the Sword Lama Surya Das on the lessons he's learned from devotional retreat practice.