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A Woman's Spiritual Retreat A Woman's Spiritual Retreat: Teachings, Meditations, and Rituals to Celebrate Your Authentic Feminine Wisdom by Joan Borysenko presents stories, celebrations, and practices to support and sustain an e…
A Place for God Guidance on 250 retreat centers.
Sacred Necessities Terry Hershey's devotional efforts to be quiet and find the inner sactuary of her soul.
Sanctuaries A useful guide to lodgings in monasteries, abbeys, and retreats in these parts of the country.
Going on Retreat A general overview of the Christian retreat experience.
Lost in Wonder A spiritual retreat for those yearning to see the world and themselves afresh.
A Pelican in the Wilderness Salutes the pleasures and the peculiarities of a life of solitude.
Life is a Bed of Roses A parable about the serendipity of life and the fluidity of imagination.
The Recollected Heart Philip Zaleski on why we are never alone on a devotional retreat.
Leather Tramp Journal Meditations growing out of a retreat in the Adirondack Mountains.