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The Power of the New Spirituality William Bloom on trying out different gateways to spirituality.
The Seeker's Way On the problems and dysfunction of performance-driven living.
The Frog Run John Elder on his multifaith and multileveled spiritual quest.
Remembering Heraclitus Hurrahs this Greek thinker as a forerunner and pioneer of spiritual seeking.
Beauty An imaginative, sweeping, and enthusiastic survey of this spiritual practice.
Zen Seeds Advice from a Zen master on the importance of having a good teacher.
Love's Alchemy Fakhr al-Din Iraqi's poem "Seeking Your Trace" on the practice of questing.
Snail, Where Are You? A classic book inviting children to go on a treasure hunt through playful illustrations.
Roadsigns Philip Goldberg with a sane and helpful overview of spiritual seeking in our time.
The Unveiling of Love Instructions for practicing spiritual affection.