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I've Loved You So Long A literate and lithe French drama about the spiritual transformation of a woman who has spent 15 years in prison.
Submergence An intriguing romantic thriller that takes us into dangerous otherworlds beyond our world.
Come What May Drama about an epic movement of French citizens fleeing the German invasion in 1940.
The Rabbi's Cat A French animated film about the unusual quest of a rabbi, a skeikh, and a talking cat to discover the unity of peoples.
Julieta An immersive mother-daughter story that vividly explores emotional literacy.
Union Square Character-driven drama about two estranged sisters who reach a point where they must either reconcile or permanently separate from each other.
Like Crazy A story about two young lovers whose patience, resilience, and trust are tested when they are separated for a long period of time.
Black Beauty A splendid remake of the classic story about the value of truly partnering with a horse.
To the Wonder A bold and ground-breaking film that is a mystical meditation on the many manifestations of the spiritual practices of yearning and love.
And Breathe Normally A moving story that showcases the need for openness and hospitality in our increasingly constricted world.