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Untie the Strong Woman Clarissa Pinkola Estes on how the Blessed Mother is written into our souls.
The Way Presents sharing as a practice that gives meaning to lives and helps make things better in the world as well.
Sounding the Trumpet A collection of letters in which a social justice minister is spurred on by the wise counsel of his former homiletics teacher.
Meal by Meal Donald Altman on being kind with our leftover food.
The Prayer of Saint Francis Leonardo Boff on giving and sharing our spiritual goods.
Survival Lessons Alice Hoffman on how sharing during an illness means that we help one another.
A Dog Walks into a Nursing Home Sue Halpern on how the sharing of love by dogs is keen and true.
How to Be an Adult in Love David Richo on how love is the point of it all.
Super Cooperators Martin Nowak on why cooperation needs to come from the bottom up.
The Art of Conversation Catherine Blyth on the joys and benefits of creative conversation.