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Savor Summer Sounds A spiritual exercise to help you make summertime into sacred time.
Listening to the Land A spur to listen to the natural world around you with all your senses.
Joseph Nassal and Nancy Burke in How to Pray In Old World Christian countries
Making Rain Movement Practice (all ages) A group practice in recreating the sound of a rainstorm.
Listen Intently to Every Sound A method for staying calm, centered, and alert.
Shema: Listen A breath practice utilizing the traditional Jewish prayer, the Shema.
Katherine Le Mee in Chant Spiritual teaching has always pointed to
The "Ah" Mantra Waking up with the relief of deep sound.
A Day of Silence Reintroducing you to your quieter self.
Muhammad quoted in Merton and Sufism The Prophet said, "Let him groan..."