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Puss in Boots A razzle-dazzle animated feature about an outlaw cat who dances flamenco and is a survivor able to handle all challenges before him.
Whiteout Depicts how a woman U.S. marshal at a frigid station in Antarctica is tested on many levels by a murder case.
Memoir of War (La Douleur) An emotionally intelligent French film about a woman dealing with the losses of wartime.
Arctic A survival story that shifts gears into a spiritual parable about kindness and compassion.
Turtle: The Incredible Journey An engrossing documentary about the heroic 25-year pilgrimage of a loggerhead turtle.
Wendy and Lucy A compassionate account of an enterprising young woman on her way to Alaska to find work who falls into peril.
When Comedy Went to School A mildly entertaining documentary about the rise of stand-up Jewish comedians and their boot camp in the Catskills.
1000 Rupee Note A sobering depiction of the damage that money can do to caring and compassionate people.
Come What May Drama about an epic movement of French citizens fleeing the German invasion in 1940.
The Jungle Book A rousing adventure set in the Indian jungle about a boy's quest to discover where he belongs.