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The more pink slips for the workers The more pink slips for the workers
Birthday of Dolores Huerta (PDP) Recognizing the contributions of the Chicano labor leader with books, a film, and practices.
American Factory Documentary about how culture clashes in factories highlight changes in the global economy.
Made in Bangladesh An inspiring portrait of a persistent and resilient young woman fighting for workers' rights in a garment factory.
Dolores A deft and compelling documentary about one of America's premier Latino labor leaders and civil rights activists.
The Death and Life of American Labor A thoughtful and hopeful delineation of where unions are now and where they can go in the future.
For Labor Unions A prayer of protection for the right to unionize.
Birthday of Howard Zinn (PDP) Remembering the radical historian and activist who risked all to make his prophetic call for peace and justice in America.
Cesar Chavez The journey of Cesar Chavez from migrant worker to American hero as a nonviolent labor leader and civil rights activist.
The Hand That Feeds A rousing documentary about the creation and triumph of a small union in New York.