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Brenda Shoshanna in Jewish Dharma Do not gossip or listen to gossip
Michael Strassfeld in A Book of Life Gossip is prevalent and destructive
Robert Aitken in The Morning Star More people get hurt by gossip than by guns
Gossip A modern day morality play set on a college campus about the dire effects of wildfire rumors.
Bhikkhu Nyanasobhano in Longing for Certainty What the Buddha designates as wrong speech
Jonathan Sacks in Celebrating Life Rules about the ethics of speech
Dilgo Khyentse in The Hundred Verses of Advice The Mouth as a Gateway to Faults & Misdeeds
Christopher Titmuss in Mindfulness for Everyday Living Renouncing unhealthy speech patterns
Geri Larkin in The Still Point Dhammapada Lovingkindness as the basis of our speech
Victoria Moran in Lit From Within Inner eroders are expressions of ill will