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Soul Story A short meditation on the value of our story.
Where the Crawdads Sing A coming-of-age story and murder mystery about a young naturalist living in the marshes who has to find out who she can truly trust.
Murina An intense and well-acted psychodrama about misogyny.
Hustle A rousing basketball film about the importance of passion.
The Phantom of the Open True story of a golfer who crashes the British Open and teaches us all about the way of failure.
Sundown A sly and surprising meditation on life, death, and choosing one’s own path.
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris Delightful comedy about the many meanings of the clothes we choose to wear and what these choices say about our lives and values.
I Am Golden An invitation to self-love for Asian Americans and all children.
Your Goodness A meditation on rejoicing in your own goodness.
In the Image of G*d An embodied meditation on the letters yud hey vav hey.