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Open to Desire A compelling case for the essential component of desire in human existence.
Wishing Well Explores this amazing faculty and its beneficial side-effects.
Jewels of Remembrance A rich and highly devotional daybook that tutors us in the Sufi path.
Signs of the Unseen Lectures and conversations by the Sufi seer.
Holy Hunger An in-depth treatment of compulsive overeating, an addiction that the author calls a ferocious criminal act against the self.
The Ecstatic Journey Recounts her spiritual experiences over the years.
Wicked Pleasures Stimulating philosophical assessments of moderation, sour grapes, toxic wealth, and loss of control
Eternal Echoes A three-hour exploration of the crisis of belonging in our time when so many people feel isolated and cut off from the sources of life.
Ecstasy Sonnets and quatrains of five Sufi seers who yearn for unity with the Beloved.
Approaching Eye Level A brilliantly written collection of essays exploring the alternating currents of friendship and loneliness in her life.