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Arthur Samuels in Zen and the Art of Intimacy Transform the longing and anxiety
The Secret of the Grain A robust drama about and old man with a dream who is helped by a smart teenager and his large Franco-Arab family.
The Cloud of Unknowing in There Is A God It is not what you are
Tabu A dreamlike Portuguese drama about yearning that will appeal to the adventuresome filmgoer looking for something a little bit different.
Soul Mates A view of longing as a nutrient for the soul.
Augustine A psychological thriller that explores fresh territory in its depiction of sexual politics.
Sri Ramakrishna in The Hidden Gospel of Matthew Cry to the Lord with an intense heart
Elles An emotionally rich and nuanced performance by Juliette Binoche as a woman journalist experiencing a sexual crisis.
Eternal Echoes A three-hour exploration of the crisis of belonging in our time when so many people feel isolated and cut off from the sources of life.
Global Spirit - Music, Sound and the Sacred An exploration of sacred music as a universal language of spiritual yearning, hope, and love.