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Foxcatcher A richly developed psychological drama about the fire of ambition in the lives of a gold-medal winning wrestler and a multimillionaire wrestling enthusiast.
Life of Crime A spunky character-driven caper flick based on a 1978 book by the late Elmore Leonard.
Paradise: Love An engrossing and creative Austrian film about the yearnings of a lonely middle-aged woman seeking adventure at a vacation resort in Kenya.
Mildred Pierce A first-class treatment of disappointment and unhappiness in the life of a besieged woman living in Los Angeles during the 1930s.
Take Out A gritty portrait of the struggles of a Chinese food deliveryman in Manhattan.
Lost in Beijing An engaging parable about the dire effects of giving in to the Western obsession with money.
What Sun Has Seen Three individuals struggle against staggering odds to fulfill their dreams in a big Silesian city.
Asylum Natasha Richardson in an intense performance as a passionate woman who risks all to satisfy her desires.
I Am David A fine family film about a 12-year old boy's escape from a Bulgarian prison camp and his quest to discover his true identity.
A Month in the Country Explores the suffering and losses of lonely souls.