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Spiritual Practices for Shopping 20 ways to make shopping a richer and deeper experience.
Practicing Spirituality in Winter More practices to explore the many moods and meanings of winter, including its pristine beauty and its many opportunities for playfulness.
Taking Stock of Your Connections How making an inventory of the objects in your home underscores your dependence and influence on others.
Worldwide Connections Suggestions for broadening your perspective of the world.
All My Relations A teaching from Native Americans about the need to take responsibility, forgive, apologize, and have hope.
Holy Ground Acknowledging that the place where you live is holy ground through the spiritual practices of connections, gratitude, meaning, and attention.
A Blessing for Carl Thomas Dean A witty romp through existential questions with a wild wolf in beagle's clothing.
Spiritual Practices for Hot Weather Tips from sages and seers on how to deal with hot weather.
All in a Day's Work How we can see our work as a spiritual practice, whether we are a taxi driver, an office worker, or a salesperson.
The Gift of Tears Why crying, as Jesus did and we do at the movies, can be a spiritual practice.