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Grateful Checkbook Balancing Viewing money as part of the spiritual universe.
A Fasting Prayer Exercise Encouragement to be more conscious of those in need and to share with them.
A Prayer in Motion Exercise A prompt to use a gesture or body movement to express your mind and heart in prayer.
Prayer for Injustice A prayer by Mother Teresa of Calcutta for those in the world suffering from injustice.
A Denizen of Time A call to live deeply in time in all its richness.
Great Enlightenment A story about the relationship between a teacher and a student.
Taking Tea Remarks about facing our demons and loving what is.
Teacher of Love A story of love told by Mother Teresa.
Custody of the Eyes, Ears, and Tongue Wisdom of the monastic custom of custody as a way to be kind and respectful.
Daily Lectio Divina Advice and learning snippets about practicing Lectio Divina.