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In a moonlit night on a spring day In a moonlit night on a spring day
Being one with the Infinite Being one with the Infinite
The Edukators A luxuriously filmed screen adaptation of the classic French novel Dangerous Liaisons to eighteenth century Korea.
Examine yourself Examine yourself
Civility & Confucianism There seems to be no end to the incivility of our times. Reality television continues to emphasize the humiliation of people, drivers on the freeway are still aggressive and bad tempered, politician…
God Is Not One Stephen Prothero on how the Confucian path honors etiquette and courtesy as ways of bringing reverence to human interactions with others and the world.
Blood Is Thicker Than Water By Nathan Zhang for KidSpirit's Heritage issue. I still remember walking down a dusty country road in the Chinese city of Chongqing early last summer with my dad, my little brother, and my grand…
Silence is a friend Silence is a friend
Birthday of Confucius Honoring "Teachers' Day," which commemorates Confucius's birth.
Confucius, The Analects Rodney L. Taylor on goodness as the essential virtue of Confucian thought.