Hindu Wisdom

When a person has let go of attachments, when the mind is rooted in wisdom, everything they do is worship.
The Bhagavad Gita

Devotional Wisdom

We aren't just saying our prayers these days. We're sweating them, singing them, walking them, humming them, chanting them, signing them, breathing them, and even growing them.
— Frances Sheridan Goulart in God Has No Religion

Comic Wisdom

Time is just God's way of making sure everything doesn't happen all at once.
— George Carlin, American stand-up comic

Spiritual Wisdom

The environment is our generation's koan. The koan is a kind of riddle story, a paradox, that is insoluble to the mind.
— Stephen Mitchell quoted in The Lost Gospel of the Earthby Tom Hayden


May the God who dwells with those called outspoken, traitors, and subversive dwell also with you, writing peace across your soul. Go with God, speaking hope, singing memory, and dancing justice in your land.
— Jan L. Richardson in Sacred Journeys

Artistic Wisdom

In a time of destruction, create something
A poem
A parade
A community
A school
A vow
A moral principle.
One peaceful moment.
— Maxine Hong Kingston in Prayers for Calm by Becca Anderson


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