"In Hebrew, the words for 'compass' (matzpen), 'conscience' (matzpoon), and 'the hidden inner truth of the soul' (tsaffoon) all come from the same root. To have a conscience is to be in touch with the hidden, inner truth of the soul and, if we are so in touch, we have an internal compass to guide us in our behaviour. In ancient Greek, both the word for 'intelligence' (euphyia) and the word for 'nature' (physis) come from the root phyiame. Euphyia means literally 'he who grows well', and physis literally 'that which comes to emerge'. We grow well, are intelligent, by allowing something from within to emerge. The Greek word for 'truth' (alithia) means literally 'not forgetting' — not forgetting what we have always known. Both these ancient languages are telling us that there is a source of true knowing within us."