An Excerpt from The Better World Handbook: From Good Intentions to Everyday Actions by Ellis Jones, Ross Haenfler, and Brett Johnson with Brian Klocke

The Better World Handbook: From Good Intentions to Everyday Actions by Ellis Jones, Ross Haenfler and Brett Johnson with Brian Klocke contains resources that can be used to create a better world. Here's an excerpt on making a difference — or the spiritual practice of transformation.

"Even if you are willing to take responsibility and do your part to make the world a better place, you may be thinking, But I'm only one person on a planet of six billion people. I can't possibly make a difference!

"Problems such as racism, hunger, and inequality seem so big that it's easy to feel small and powerless. How much of a difference can you actually make anyway? In truth, you can make one person's difference — no more, no less. On a daily basis, you not only have the power to perpetuate the world's problems, you have the opportunity to stand up for the creation of a world based on your own deeply held values.

  • Your money invested in the right bank could help create more wealth for poor communities.
  • Your letter can be the one that changes the behavior of an entire corporation.
  • Your vote can elect government officials that really make a difference.
  • Your timely call to a friend can change their outlook for the day.
  • Your donation can help a social change organization meet its lofty goals.
  • Your purchase can allow a locally owned business to thrive in your community.
  • Your participation can transform a small group of people into the beginnings of a social movement.

Not only does each of your actions have a direct impact on the world, but also every choice you make sends a message to those around you. Your choice to use your bicycle instead of your car, set up recycling bins at work, or volunteer for an organization you care about can inspire others to do their part. We create momentum for each other. At the same time, we support each other to live in a manner that creates possibilities for a better future.