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What then, is compassion in our culture? What then, is compassion in our culture?
Volunteer in New Ways Encouragement to get more involved in your community.
A Prayer for Those Helping Elders to Age at Home The First and the Last, we pray that you might help us deal with one of the most widespread and authentic fears of seniors and their families –the fear of aging alone with no one close to help the…
An Unexpected Path to Heroism By Sharon Lin for KidSpirit’s issue on The Heroic Spirit. Interfaith Connections is a column for teens to dialogue about how their faith or wisdom tradition influences their view of life’s bi…
Volunteering Encouragement to engage children in the volunteer work of their choice.
Volunteer To Do a Favor Offering your time to others.
Raising Happiness Christine Carter on praising children when they offer emotional support to other kids.
A Prayer for the Mudslide Victims in Brazil The Boston Globe reports on the devastation in Brazil in mid-January 2011: "Last week, a series of flash floods and mudslides struck the Serrana mountain region near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, destroyi…
Aging with a Laugh and a Prayer An up-tempo and encouraging paperback on conscious aging.
Rejoicing in Inner Goodness and Altruistic Deeds A call to pause and consciously recognize the joy inherent in each altruistic act.