"Sex brings living beings into the world, but it also invites the vitality and exuberance of sheer life. Sex is infinitely more than the biological, because it is one of the most potent and creative manifestations of the soul. Sex has an abundance of soul, and perhaps that is why it is both immensely attractive and fervently contained. It creates friendships, families, and cultures, and at the same time it threatens these very accomplishments. Full of contradictions, easily distanced by religious moralism and scientific explanation, sex challenges us to the very limits of imagination.

"Fortunately, we have widespread and ancient traditions in literature, art, and ritual that help us glimpse the sublime implications of sex and the deeper workings of romance. Sex is implicated in all movement toward union, the reconciliation of opposites, and the fulfillment and completion of all our activities. Our relations with nature and culture all have a sexual dimension to the extent that they involve our bodies and senses, our desires and pleasures, our creativity and procreativity."

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