"Thus Rumi knew that all the orders and creeds were paths that lead to God, and he did not denounce the founders of orders, although he did not found an order himself. As Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, tells us: 'The paths leading to God are as many as the creatures of God.' Rumi also said in the Mesnevi: 'In this world there are hidden stairs that climb all the way up to the heavens. These stairs lead to the heavens step by step. Every group has their own stairs. Everyone likes his own stairs. They are unaware of the other stairs. However, all of them lead to eternity in one way or another.' If the followers of the Law and the followers of the Way had attained the truth and thought like Rumi, they would accept each other and love each other because they all share the same faith. The Prophet has said: 'The believers are not other than brethren.' "

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