"I have found the soul of souls.

Let this soul of mine be taken.
I've forgotten gain and loss.
Let this shop of mine be plundered.

I've passed beyond my very self.
I've removed the veils before me.

I am together with the Friend.
Let these doubts of mine fall away.

My own ego abandoned me.
The Friend took everything I had.

Those who give and take are friends.
Let this language of mine be jumbled.

I cut all ties and went to the Friend.
I fell in with God. Let my poems be scattered.

I became tired of twoness
and ate at the table of Oneness.

I drank the wine of suffering.
Let all my remedies be thrown out.

Since this journey of Being began,
the Friend has rushed to meet us.

Light has filled the ruins of this heart.
Let this universe of mine be shattered.

I have passed up dreams.
I have tired of summers and winters.

I have found the Gardener of flowers.
Let this garden of mine be dug up.

Yunus, you say it well,
smooth as honey.

I have found the honey of honeys.
Let this hive of mine be given away."

(from The Drop that Became the Sea: Lyric Poems of Yunus Emre translated by Kabir Helminski and Refik Algan)