"The next night I [Bradford Keeney] received a visionary guidance to do what I had never done before — I gave out a mystical password to the visionary spiritual classrooms, doing so for a whole group of mentorship students. A password is traditionally given by 'spiritual pointers' of ecstatic lineages to take you to the starting point of a mystical journey. When people seek a vision by solo means, they almost always get distracted by trickster and end up chasing wishful fantasy. In long-lasting wisdom traditions, elders anointed to guide others in visionary travel help the seeker head toward the high roads. The password, dreamed by the pointer, helps keep the traveler pointed in the right direction.

"I gave such a password to our class of students and explained that they were supposed to focus on it without distraction. This password must be constantly spoken to oneself, even amidst prayer and song. It is like a mantra, a seed crystal, or a primary mystical cutout infused with intense spiritual power. As a compass it helps keep you near the vertical rope to the divine. If you catch yourself pondering what the words mean, inject more emotional intensity into your expression in order to reel yourself back from contemplative drift and any distraction generated by rambling internal commentary. The password is not only a focal point: it is your boarding ticket for a train bound for the big room of mystery.

"The specific password was a phrase given to our class: 'All these things will I give you or Thou shall worship the Lord thy God.' This password is the choice Jesus faced when he went into the Mt. Sinai wilderness and encountered temptation. Trickster promises you specific outcomes, powers, and delights, including the widest selection of spiritual experiences and achievements. When you ask for anything that has a specific name, trickster arrives to be of service. In vision, I was shown that the highest crossing at the spiritual crossroads requires that you forgo asking for anything and instead turn to worshipping the divine. 'All these things will I give you or Thou shall worship the Lord thy God.'

"At some point every spiritual journey takes you to the crossroads where you face the ultimate choice. It is the devilish trickster of your consciously purposeful mind that confuses getting what you want with spiritual fulfillment. Contrary to what many have said and heard, God is not the head of a Sears and Roebuck spiritual mail-order company, but the host of the Infinite House of Holy Light, the mystery of which renders you speechless. Choose to worship before the ineffable. You may not receive what you initially think you desire, but you will be truly living in the biggest, holiest room. When we gave our class the spiritual password from Mt. Sinai, a number of students were taken to the crossroads in vision. They either came to the Grand Central Station of Ezekiel's wheel that was manifest in various forms (including an airport terminal) or they found themselves seeing or hearing mystery on the other side of a wall or mountain.

"A password begins as a spiritual compass that points you in the right direction. If wholeheartedly held with sincere conviction and saturation, the password will start to chant and sing itself, delivering a sacred vibration. In the stormy sea, prayer fast, vision plea, and mourning ground, holy words of prayer are transformed into a song that is a lifeline to God. For the rest of your life, when trouble comes knocking on your door or suffering throws you down, you will reach for this song. Once a song is received and owned in this way, you know how to sing it so sincerely that it readily awakens and uncoils your rope to God. Through this divine hookup you are always pointed in the right direction and given all you need to stay on the path."