"Colin and Dena asked if I would co-officiate their wedding ceremony with a rabbi who was close with Dena's family. It was a beautiful blending of two spiritual views represented by two families. One Jewish, one (shall we say) Earthist.

"The rabbi Marsha welcomed everyone beneath the canopy of burnished roses and dahlias. She gave a traditional wedding prayer in Hebrew. I then presented Colin and Dena with a white buckskin pouch that they had filled earlier with the sands and soils from seven sites significant to them, both individually and together: Tucson, Arizona; Central Park, New York; Emigrant, Montana; Amagansett, New York; Moab, Utah; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Juneau, Alaska. Both the rabbi and I blessed the couple with our guidance and spoke of the gifts we have received from knowing them. I shared my belief that marriage is a spiritual practice that evolves over time. And then the rabbi delivered the 'Seven Blessings' in Hebrew, after which I offered my own interpretations. These were mine:


"1. LOVE — May you be blessed with a love that is wild, tender, and enduring, honoring each other's solitude as well as touching bone.
2. HOME — May your door always be open to others — may your table be set with gratitude. May you feed your children as you have been fed, lovingly, from Earth itself. With candles lit, may your home be a source of light.
3. FRIENDSHIP — May the spirit of Coyote continue to tease, amuse, and surprise you. May the spirit of Raven continue to show you the way, when you are together and apart. And may the spirit of Bear keep you strong and remind you to respect each other always. May Rabbit keep you kind.
4. CURIOSITY, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, AND GROWTH — May you never forget hunger and thirst. May you remain humble in your privilege and powers. May you be generous. May you stay curious and open.
5. HEALTH — May you cherish the vitality that is yours. May you keep your bodies strong even in times of illness and pain. May you heal the wounds of each other by remembering to listen to what is not being said and what is. May your mind, body, and spirit be One.
6. COMMUNITY — In community, anything is possible. Find it. Build it. Belong."