One day Rumi entered into his lonely laboratory and saw [Sheikh Bedr-ed-din] plunged in work. The sheikh was so terrified at the Master's sudden appearance he couldn't move. Rumi took the anvil Bedr-ed-din had been using into his own hands and gave it back to him; the sheikh saw that it had changed into gold and shone with divine light.

Rumi then said, "If you must make gold, make this kind of gold; it is a process you won't need any apparatus or weaver's combs or anvils for. If you go on giving your whole strength to the work you are pursuing now, then when death comes, all you will leave behind you is a reputation of a master forger; when your gold reverts to brass, all the repentance in the world will be of no use. So, devote all your energies so that the brass of your own existence can become gold, and your gold can become pearls; what these pearls are cannot be described in any language."

Then Rumi recited:

Jesus will change your brass into gold
And if there is already gold in you, Jesus will make pearls from it.
And if there are pearls within you, Jesus will make them
Even more beautiful than the Moon or Jupiter.