In the third and final volume in a trilogy of reflections on the Psalms, Joan Chittister ponders some of the major themes that ripen in us when we come into our maturity. The author, who is founder and executive director of Benetvision, a resource and research center for contemplative spirituality, again demonstrates her imaginative approach to ancient scriptural texts and her knack for pithy commentary.

Chittister reveals a deep sensitivity to the issue of justice with a series of hard-hitting quotations on this important spiritual practice. She proves to be an able guide on darkness as "spiritual ambiguity, holy contradiction, disarming mystery." Her expansive understanding of hospitality is apparent as she describes varied approaches to this essential virtue. In chapters on family, friendship, and patriotism, Chittister keeps us honest with her rigorous analysis of these well-tread topics. The author closes Light in the Darkness with a lively paean to celebration which "unfreezes the regular, the steady, the humdrum in life and turns it into revelation."

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