Philosopher and cultural historian Jean Houston draws together some of the major motifs of her teaching over the past 30 years in this paperback book. "The complexity of our time," she notes, "requires a greater and wiser use of our capacities, a rich playing of the instrument we have been given."

Houston shows how to tap the resources of our imagination and soul by activating four realms of experience. In "Savoring the Sensory World," she presents a profile of Helen Keller and lays out exercises and projects designed to open new doors of perception. She explores the psychological realm with commentary on memory, creativity, and joy. Houston hits high stride with a chapter on myth. She uses the transforming journey of Luke Skywalker as a template for the hero's journey. Rumi and Roshi Dogen are the guides for the final section on spiritual quest. By opening up "the access codes to the many stations of our being," Houston enables us to see all the wild possibilities in being human. This enthusiastic guide to what she calls "the art of manifesting your dreams" is a soul-stretching read.