Most of us when we hear the term "energy crisis" think immediately about oil. Not Judith Orloff, who is an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA and the author of three books. She thinks about our personal energy and how it is sapped by different forces in a high-stress environment. Orloff is a pioneer in the field of energy psychiatry and on this two-and-one-half hour tape, she provides tools and techniques to make the best use of this vital personal resource.

Another part of her work salutes intuition, which she feels has been downplayed and ignored for far too long. Our society gives too much emphasis to logic and linear thinking whereas "intuition is a non-linear voice that tells us the truth of things." She recommends that we listen to our body's signals and gut feelings.

One of the most interesting and helpful segments on this audio is the author's description of "Energy Vampires," those difficult people who try to suck you dry. Included in their number are the blamer, the drama queen, the constant talker, the fixer-upper, and the go-for-the-jugular friend. Orloff suggests practices for dealing with these individuals. In a time when more and more people feel drained, this is a very helpful resource.