Sister Jose Hobday lives in Gallup, New Mexico, teaches at the University of Creation Spirituality in Oakland, California, and is the author of Simple Living. In this creative, inspiring, and juicy collection of stories, she demonstrates the lineaments of everyday spirituality. Each piece offers a fresh slant on prayer.

The author pays tribute to all the things her mother taught her. For example: "She made a prayer out of the way she stirred oatmeal. Doing things prayerfully." Hobday shares with us her practices of praying in cemeteries, cradling herself in a hugging prayer, recycling experiences as a way of expressing gratitude to God, experimenting with ways of keeping herself "green in the spirit" (a term coined by Hildegard of Bingen), jumping up and down in a pogo prayer, using a photo album as a devotional resource, taking a meditative walkabout through her community, and saying prayers over letters received and sent to others.

These stories of awe and abundance are rich treasures of the heart and spirit from a teacher who cherishes life, love, and all the good graces that surround us. Sister Hobday is an amazingly gifted practitioner of wonder.

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