This is the third book in Julia Cameron's bestselling trilogy on the creative process following The Artist's Way and Walking in This World. "As artists, we must cultivate faith," she writes. "We must learn to see beyond appearances. We must trust that there is something larger and more benevolent than the apparent odds stacked against us. For the sake of sheer survival, we artists must learn to have a deep and abiding belief in our own work and its worthiness, despite the world's apparent acceptance or rejection." Cameron has spent 40 years writing plays, novels, short stories, songs, poetry, reviews, and journal articles. Her 20 books have provided a window into the world of creativity, and this one, like the others, offers many action-oriented steps on how to keep going as an artist.

In an introductory session, Cameron recommends three essential tools for tapping into your artistic abilities: Morning Pages, three pages of long-hand journal writing at the beginning of the day; an Artist's Date, an hour-long solo adventure at least once a week to refill the creative well; and a Weekly Walk to clear the decks. Cameron then presents a Twelve-Week program for artistic renewal, including practical tips in sections called "Divining Rod." Topics include optimism, reality, support, balance, autonomy, resolve, resilience, truth, perspective, safety, discipline, and perseverance. Sprinkled throughout the book are sprightly quotations from many writers, past and present.

Even with all her success (The Artist's Way has sold more than two million copies), the author still faces bouts of depression, bad days, moments when she wants to pack it all in, and times when she clings to the positive words of others as life rafts in a sea of turbulence. But she always returns to her Chinese desk looking out over the brownstones of Manhattan and "hopes that God will send [her] words." The words come, and the author perseveres, thankful for the chance to be involved in such a creative enterprise that brings fulfillment and benefit to others.