Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor is Director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center, which is affiliated with New York Hospital. Since 1991, he has used sound as a complementary therapy, treating patients with crystal singing bowls, chanting, and music. Gaynor presents solid evidence of the medicinal capacities of sound across cultures and wisdom traditions. Examples include the vocalizations of shamans, the songlines of Australian aborigines, Hindu oceans of vibrations, the Kabbalistic belief that the universe reverberates with heavenly song, and the Sufi practice of sound as "food for the soul."

The properties of sound medicine — entrainment, harmony, and homeostasis — can be tapped for healing, overall wellness, relaxation, and greater energy. Dr. Gaynor has come up with his own unique mix of science, music, and spirituality that is spelled out in exercises on deep breathing, toning, creating your own life song, and making the most of "ESSENCE Sound Meditation." The Healing Power of Sound is another excellent example of holistic medicine at its best.