In this Worldshift Book, editors Ervin Laszlo, editor of the international periodical World Futures: The Journal of General Evolution, and Allan Combs, professor of transformational studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies, have gathered ten essays centered on the work of cultural historian and spiritual ecologist Thomas Berry (1914 - 2009). Despite the present global crisis, this earth scholar still held out some hope for humankind:

"The universe is revealing itself to us in a special manner just now. Also the planet Earth and the life communities of the earth are speaking to us through the deepest elements of our nature."

Among the most interesting and thought-provoking essays in this anthology are Matthew Fox's where he considers Thomas Berry's contributions to the Western spiritual tradition, Bill Plotkin's "soulcentric" view of Berry's work, Duane Elgin's examination of the double life of Thomas Berry, Joanna Macy's commentary on Earth community and what it tells us about faith and power, and Ervin Laszlo's explanation of Berry's shift from the Anthropocenric Age to the Ecological Age. Here is another book calling us to reconnect with the natural world and to find all the meaning we need in an Earth-based spirituality.