In this follow-up to Soul Retrieval, Sandra Ingerman uses illustrative material from her workshops to shed light on the soul's journey home after healing. The universe gives off energy which can be used in positive ways. Ingerman sees passion, creativity, and compassion as creative pathways to personal renewal. She challenges individuals to care for their own souls rather than to rely upon others to help them effect a transformation.

The author notes:

"When we free ourselves from our limiting beliefs, we free our ancestors who passed these on to us. In this way healing takes place in the past, the present, and the future.

"You can't kill energy. You have to transform it."

Ingerman suggests creating a ritual for releasing attitudes or negative beliefs blocking you from using your creative potential. She also recommends collecting some power objects to represent your inner muse and to help you keep centered when you need a reminder of your creative abilities.

Ingerman reports that when she went to meet her power animal in the Lower World, the territory of a parallel universe, she found him waiting for her with tears in his eyes. He said. "Please bring joy into the world." Welcome Home offers good advice for those who yearn to get back in touch with their inner wisdom and vitality.