"In the grasslands, the forests, the deserts, and the seas, animals learn to get along. They tolerate each other's differences and embrace diversity. We are part of the same animal kingdom. We, too, can learn to live in harmony with the world around us!" writes Rebeca Orozco in this charming children's book for kids ages 5 and up.

Animals are our spiritual teachers but as indigenous people know, it takes time, patience, and an open heart to learn from them. Orozco presents short but poetic lessons from a monkey (altruism), a flamingo (community), a dolphin (communication), an elephant (generosity), an armadillo (responsibility), a crocodile (trust), an octopus (commitment), a penguin (solidarity), a wolf (brotherhood), and a wildebeest (tolerance).

There is a wealth of edifying material in It's Our Nature and it comes at a time when far too many human beings are still blind to the soulful gifts that animals possess. Share this book with others so that it can reach as many children as possible!