A Season of Mystery Spiritual disciplines to bring meaning and wisdom to old age.
A Unified Theory of Happiness A compelling map about the good things that can grow out of a synthesis of Western science and Eastern wisdom.
A World of Prayer A top-drawer collection of multifaith prayers selected by spiritual leaders, activists, and humanitarians.
Animal Teachings An enchanting resource on the teachings from the animal kingdom.
Animals and World Religions A helpful survey of the attitudes, practices, and core teachings about animals of the world's religions.
Black Dog An inventive children's book about facing fear and finding love. For Children
Blessings of the Animals Delightful essays about the author's ardent spiritual practice of reverence toward all animals.
Desert Fathers and Mothers A creative and engrossing close-encounter with the wisdom sayings of the fourth and fifth century Christians.
Don't Believe Everything You Think Wise insights and practices based on a fourteenth-century Tibetan classic about wisdom and compassion.
Eleven Modern Mystics and the Secrets of a Happy, Ho… An impressive book with an interspiritual flair and a deep appreciation for mysticism.
Every Little Thing A feel-good song by Bob Marley made into a feel-good children's picture book. For Children
Everyday Kindness A rousing and multidimensional overview of the spiritual practice of kindness.
Everything Is the Way An astonishing collection of essays on the wisdom of Zen as it applies to everyday life.
Fearless at Work Wise counsel on living a fearless life based on 38 spiritual slogans from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.
God of Love A passionate and poetic account of the interspirituality of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns An awe-inspiring children's book about beauty in Islam and colors pervading the everyday life of a young Muslim girl. For Children
Good Citizens An explanation of the relevance of mindfulness to being compassionate citizens set to repair the world.
Growing into God A dramatic and engaging map of the path of Christian mysticism with profiles of some its most illustrious movers and shapers.
Help, Thanks, Wow The bestselling spiritual writer on the meaning of her most used prayers.
How to Say Yes When Your Body Says No A life-centered philosophy and practice for dealing with health challenges.
In the Beginning Was the Spirit An ambitious theological work offering a richer understanding and more expansive view of the Spirit.
India A spellbinding survey of India's sacred landscape and the pilgrims who frequent these places and spaces.
Inner River An exploration of Eastern Orthodox mysticism and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit.
It's a ... It's a ... It's a Mitzvah A playful book introducing kids to the abundant pleasures of being kind, doing good, and repairing the world. For Children
It's Our Nature A charming, edifying children's book that presents ten animals as spiritual teachers. For Children
Journey to the Heart A survey that opens us to a deeper appreciation and understanding of Christian mysticism.
Kneeling with Giants Different ways of praying from ten masters of the medium.
Little Bird A marvelous and captivating parable about freedom, soul singing, and joy. For Children
Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change Teachings on how to live in beauty with chaos, uncertainty, and change.
Living Nonviolent Communication A helpful explanation of the principles and the philosophy of nonviolent communication.
Living the Questions Twenty-one topics that need to be addressed by Progressive Christians.
Love Wins A defense of the grace, love, and mystery of God and Jesus.
Moody Cow Learns Compassion An outstanding children's book about some cows, a snake, and some crickets who benefit from the practice of compassion. For Children
Mr. Zinger's Hat A magical children's book about the delight that comes with the creation of stories. For Children
My Life in Jewish Renewal A wild, robust, and creative memoir of a pioneer in interspirituality and one of the founders of Jewish Renewal.
Natural Brilliance Five Wisdoms teachings developed from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective.
Nourishing the Spirit A substantive examination of the healing emotions of wonder, joy, compassion, and hope.
Our Religious Brains A rousing tribute to the important role of our brains in our spiritual journeys.
Prayer of the Heart in Christian and Sufi Mysticism A probe of the mystical prayers of Christians and Sufis and what they have in common.
Rediscovering Life A life-transforming book about freedom, contentment, and fearlessness.
Sacred Darkness An examination of the pervasive and important role of darkness in the lives of spiritual people.
Saints As They Really Are Third in a series of books about holiness and people of faith who put their spirituality to work in the world.
Saracen Chivalry A visionary classic on the spiritual zest and transformative power of the chivalric code.
Seven Thousand Ways to Listen A masterwork on the importance of the timely spiritual practice of listening.
Soul Unfinished A top-drawer series of essays on the spiritual life of an older person who loves sharing the wisdom he has accrued.
Spirituality A useful exploration of spirituality as a movement that is happening inside and around us.
Sufi Talks An enlightening collection of talks about the Sufi path and its emphasis on heart, practice, and spiritual maturation.
Swami Vivekananda A top-notch collection of the essential writings of the Hindu spiritual teacher who introduced yoga to the West.
The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery An incredibly helpful collection of 2,100 visualization exercises by a master teacher.
The Fire Starter Sessions An exploration of the secrets of the American ideal of success that will change our perspectives on the subject.
The Freedom of Being New insights on the important spiritual practice of being present.
The Great Work of Your Life An illuminating and wise guide to vocation and one's true self.
The History of New Thought A well-done and wide-ranging history of the New Thought spirituality movement.
The Huston Smith Reader A wonderful crosscut of writings from Huston Smith from the past 60 years.
The Path of Centering Prayer A complete handbook on Christian contemplation and the practice of centering prayer.
The Shema in the Mezuzah A children's tale about controversy, mezuzahs, and the Shema that affirms the value of the spiritual practice of listening. For Children
The Thing You Think You Cannot Do A hard-hitting and timely collection of 30 essays of cultural criticism.
Three Hens and a Peacock A sprightly children's story about three hens and a peacock who try an experiment and come away with new respect for each other. For Children
When Women Were Birds An astonishing memoir about Terry Tempest Williams's quest to discover her own values and visions through a creative look at her mother's legacy.
Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross… A credo for a bold, brand-new world of multi-faith action based on a deep, true hospitality rather than hostility.