"As stress, complexity and fragmentation in our modern lives continue to mount, more and more people are seeking knowledge and skills to restore their balance and to live with a greater sense of simplicity, connectedness, and wholeness," write Joel and Michelle Levey. The authors, who are cofounders of InnerWork Technologies, present ideas and exercises designed to help individuals "restore and maintain a sense of inner and outer balance." The journey toward homeostasis involves a love of learning, a respect for paradox, a tolerance for ambiguity, an honoring of the present moment, and a delight in gratitude.

Some of the Leveys' exercises are aimed at achieving the physical dimensions of balance in our bodies. They also outline key elements in achieving inner emotional balance and are especially perspicacious in their commentary on the holistic benefits of mindfulness. The latter can serve as an antidote to information fatigue, burnout, and other modern maladies. The Leveys close this excellent resource with suggestions on how to remain balanced in spirit in the midst of relationships, work, and community.