In this impressive work, writer and illustrator Chris Haughton shares a prelude quotation from Albert Schweitzer: "Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be understood by understanding."

Four little creatures have a plan to catch a pretty red bird but all of their attempts to catch her with a net fail. Soon the bird is surrounded by allies, and they have to run away. Have they learned a lesson?

This is a finely crafted and playful piece of children's literature that presents a whimsical portrait of the aggressiveness that often accompanies our quests. Once we get into the habit of tracking something down and capturing it, the habit is hard to break as the little creatures find out.

So savor the illustrations, delight in the determination of the little ones, but be clear about the problem with all aggressive behavior. That message comes through loud and clear; it is designed for children from preschool to 2nd grade.