According to popular yoga instructor and educator Edith R. Brotman, both yoga and the Jewish self-study practice of Mussar open the same doors to a closer connection with the Divine and a balance between body, mind, and soul. She has organized a 13-week program focusing on soul traits (ethical behaviors and attitudes) which shape our interactions with others. The thirteen soul traits are truth, courage, humility, order, nonjudgment, zeal, simplicity, equanimity, generosity, silence, gratitude. loving-kindness and compassion, and trust.

Following the counsel of Rabbi Akiva Tatz, the world-renowned lecturer on Jewish thought and philosophy, who said "the only path to the spiritual is through the medium of the physical," the author provides:

• Step-by-step instructions (via photographs) for yoga poses that embody each of the 13 traits;

• Breathing techniques and meditation exercises to help create the physical expression of the trait;

• Mantras to help redirect attention to the trait;

• Suggestions on how to pursue experiences that inform or challenge I relation to the trait;

• Background and potential manifestations of the trait in everyday life;

• Journal exercises.

This well-done resource weds two spiritual practices for the personal renewal.