Ben and Penny Hewitt and their two sons have spent 15 years living and tending and nurturing nutrient-dense, nourishing food on their small plot of land in northern Vermont. They forage for wild edibles, process their own meat, make their own butter, and can their own vegetables.

The Hewitts see their labors not as an inconvenience but as a gift. They feel deeply connected with the land, the plants, the animals, and the community. They affirm a "quiet activism" in their life apart from the reigning culture of speed and competition. They have simplified and streamlined their lives and view their homestead as an ecosystem.

Through trials and experiments, the Hewitts have discovered three skills that can't be taught: maintaining equanimity, prioritizing, and organization. In addition to all the physical labor, this couple have home schooled their sons and take pride in the positive ways they have adapted to the homestead. Best of all, the Hewitts demonstrate the importance of the seasons and rituals in this way of life.