Sufi, Jewish, and some other mystical traditions recognize that an imaginal realm co-exists with everyday reality. We can enter it through our dreams and also can access it through imagery exercises. The little girl in this children's book by Marta Arteaga, beautifully illustrated by Zuzanna Celef, calls it "My Imagination."

"My imagination is like a sea of thoughts that float and glide over each other. Droplets and bubbles contain my ideas that become real just by looking at them. They swim and swim, trying to solve the mysteries within me."

She goes on to describe her imagination as like "a land of clouds of different shapes," "a meadow full of shooting stars," and an "enormous music box, where I keep everything I see and hear." Best of all, she recognizes that her imagination is a bridge that connects her internal and external worlds.

Using our imagination is a spiritual practice. This picture book will encourage children to do just that!