We really appreciate the books published by Magination Press, an imprint of the American Psychological Association, the largest scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States. They tell engaging stories addressing issues children often must deal with and then include a "Note to Parents and Caregivers" at the back. Some of our favorites in the series are Goodbye, Brecken (on the death of a pet), Some Days Are Lonely (on loneliness), I Can't Do Anything! (on teaching manners), Boss No More (on school conflicts) and Not Every Princess (on gender roles).

Abracadabra! The Magic of Trying is about facing challenges and trying again after a setback. The end notes cover how to use the book and explain perseverance building strategies, such as ensure understanding the goal, identify steps, provide support, and reevaluate when necessary.

Today is the day in little birds' school when they are to learn how to fly. Blackbird, Robin, Sparrow, and others all launch themselves into the air. But Little Owl is so afraid of falling, he doesn’t even want to try. Turtle tells him he can do it with a little practice and that it will help if he says "Abracadabra." But when Little Owl tries that, he still falls. Mouse tells him to keep his eyes open, and Hedgehog suggests he say the magic word louder. When he finally can fly, Little Owl passes on his perseverance tips to some frogs learning to hop from their pond to the shore.

In the "Note to Parents and Caregivers" by Ara J. Schmitt explains those tips. She points out: "Just like Little Owl learning to fly, almost every skill you can think of needs development. Innate ability is rare!" Practice takes time and requires that children focus on challenges rather than successes. Finally, "All of us have had to develop perseverance through challenges and setbacks. Reinforce to your child that mistakes are not bad, they are a normal part of learning."