Bestselling writer Allen Klein always seems to be revved up and ready to go. He has written 31 books and wowed many with his TED talks. Here the author quotes the bag lady in the Broadway play The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe who, after seeing the night sky, vows that each day she will do "awe-robics."

Our lives are energized by "awe factors," according to scientists and researchers who have written about this emotion. Klein explores some of them:

  • Awe expands our sense of time.
  • Awe increases life satisfaction.
  • Awe encourages compassion.
  • Awe increases generosity.
  • Awe contributes to well-being.
  • Awe connects us to others.
  • Awe increases humility.
  • Awe sparks creativity.

In the last section of the book, Klein provides "tools, tips, and techniques to help us achieve that experience of awe." A few of awe-robics he suggests to help you strengthen your awe muscles are slowing down, setting your antenna, being mindful of miracles, looking closer, be curious, using awe-catchers, and discovering how familiar objects can be awe-inspiring (see excerpt).