99 Names of God A beautiful volume encouraging Christian-Muslim understanding through devotion to the qualities of God/Allah.
A More Perfect Union An exploration of the power of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s moral vision to heal U.S. divides today.
A Year of Pagan Prayer Poems, prayers, hymns, and blessings for marking holidays, milestones, and seasons of the year.
Against the Hounds of Hell A treasury of stories and information about one of the great Black spiritual leaders and theologians of the 20th century.
Atlas of the Heart A master teacher showing the way to understand our emotions and reconnect with others and with life.
Bhagavad Gita A core scripture of Hinduism with an abundance of helpful commentary emphasizing its practicality.
Breath Prayer A book of recipe ingredients and directions for making life rich with everyday sacredness.
Call Us What We Carry A voice for the future speaking hope and light into our current darkness.
Can I Sit with You? A heartwarming story about empathy, friendship, and loyalty. For Children
Child of the Flower-Song People A fascinating book about a woman who helped new generations treasure native traditions. For Children
Desmond Tutu A full look at the teachings, witness, and retirement of one of the most important Christian leaders of the 20th century.
Dimming the Day Spiritual practices for calming heart and mind.
Eternal Heart The wisdom of the mystics, interpreted for our time, and transformative heart practices.
Faith After Doubt A bold and progressive vision of faith.
Feed the Wolf A practice-oriented exploration of living with nothing to lose, based on the teachings of St. Francis.
Freeing Jesus From one of the most articulate of liberal Christian writers, a rediscovery of Jesus as a presence to transform lives and communities.
Friending Rosie A memoir that reveals the value of building relationships with people who are behind bars.
Have Hope A daybook of inspirational quotes matched to events and mentors who demonstrate reasons to have hope.
How I Became a Tree A reimagining of the ways of human love by looking deeply into the lives of trees.
How to Heal Our Divides Keys to understanding what divides us, and how to begin healing.
How to Love Animals Stories of first-hand experiences which supply reasons to radically change the way we treat animals.
Is Was A gateway between present and past that shows their intimate connection. For Children
Keeping the City Going Resilient exceptions to pandemic stillness from a Caldecott-Medal winning author and illustrator. For Children
Kuan Yin A beautifully illustrated and inspired retelling of the Kuan Yin story from the perspective of her younger sister. For Children
Learning to Pray Practical advice for people of all traditions who desire to connect with God.
Leonard Cohen A deep look at the motivations behind the poet, novelist, and singer-songwriter who revealed his soul to the world for six decades.
Mindfulness A bringing together of Buddhist and Christian practice, for people who follow either tradition or double-belong
Mystical Courage Explanations and instructions on previously hidden spiritual exercises of George Gurdjieff.
Poet Warrior A moving sequel to Crazy Brave by the U.S. Poet Laureate that should inspire others to discover their own stories.
Praying with Jane Eyre Examples and advice on reading a novel as a sacred activity and spiritual practice.
Radical Loving A poetic vision of how our troubled world can be transformed through love.
Rescuing the Light Samples of the indigenous wisdom of the Mayan sacred tradition.
Return to the Root A highly respected Christian teacher's reminders of all people's rootedness in God’s love, wisdom, and presence.
River of Offerings A beautifully written and photographed account of the importance of the sacred Ganges River in South Asian devotional life.
Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul An offering of Celtic spirituality and intuition to heal our communities and world.
See No Stranger A fresh approach to what love is and how it works for anyone who needs hope.
Soul Therapy Encouragement for professional and lay therapists on providing soul care for clients, friends, family members, and the world at large.
The Apocryphal Gospels Alternative versions of the story of Christ.
The Book of Hope A transfusion of hope and reason to fight for our future.
The Book of Tiny Prayer A collection of prayers from the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic capturing yearnings, opportunities, and collective responsibilities.
The Garden of Flowers and Weeds A generation-defining rendering of one of the great Zen Buddhist scriptures.
The God Who Gave You Birth A Camaldolese Benedictine monk's insights on the importance and process of kenosis or emptying the self.
The Hermits of Big Sur A reminder that there are still holy places where people find their way.
The Inner Work of Age A toolkit of perspectives and practices for older people on re-imagining life as a purpose-filled elder.
The Snail with the Right Heart A story about uniqueness, gender, love, and the grandeur of the universe. For Children
The Spiritual Work of Racial Justice Challenging devotions linking the experiences of Christ in his passion with those of Black victims of racial violence.
The Wakeful Body Meditations that access your body's wisdom.
The Way of Mary A gorgeous book, meticulously researched, showing how the key moments in the devotional life of Mary, mother of Jesus, can be a model for us all.
The Wisdom of Trees Poetry and the latest scientific research about trees' communication and cooperation. For Children
Three Lines in a Circle How a simple and bold design representing nuclear disarmament came to inspire people around the world. For Children
To My Beloveds An eloquent Black theologian tells her story of hope and resilience.
Toni Morrison’s Spiritual Vision A rare look at the religious preoccupations of one of our great writers of recent memory.
We Were Made for These Times A Buddhist teacher and a book of wisdom for a time of transitions.
When You Greet Me I Bow The essential essays of one of our great interreligious teachers, reflecting a lifetime devoted to spiritual creativity.
Where Wonder Lives A map of the spiritual journey illustrated by plentiful spiritual practices.
Wholehearted Faith A lifeline for disenchanted Christians.
Wishes A powerful yet gently restrained portrayal of a refugee family's arduous journey. For Children
Wonder Walkers A luxuriant invitation to greet the outdoors with curiosity. For Children
Yoke Yoga of the everyday for the rest of us.
Zen Is Right Now Profound teachings on being present from the influential Zen master.