In this revised and updated edition of their classic text, Joel and Michelle Levey, co-founders of Innerwork Technologies Inc., share more than 100 ideas, practices, and exercises they have used over the past 30 years to teach stress reduction and personal development to companies, groups, and individuals. This material is tailor-made for anyone dealing with physical, mental, or emotional distress. There are activities here for working with pain and enhancing healing.

In the section on relaxation, the Leveys write: "Relaxation is not something you do. It is a natural response that you allow to happen. Relaxation is what is left when you stop creating tension." The authors present guidelines for developing skills in this area through a body scan, autogenic imagery, and creating an inner oasis.

In the section on concentration, the Leveys cover self-remembering, a Zen breathing exercise, and contemplative practices. The third section contains many guidelines for developing meditation skills, including investigating the mind, mental massage, and meditations for dying. The section on "Contemplative Wisdom in Daily Life" offers strategies for mastering stress, sports as a Western yoga, and guidelines for creative visualization.

The last chapters cover a wide variety of meditation techniques, including practices for listening, walking, sleeping, and eating. Many of these are conveyed through teaching stories. The authors also venture into the workplace, noting spiritual approaches to leadership, research, and daily office interactions.