Reading a variety of sacred texts from different wisdom traditions is inspiring, edifying, and transformative for those rooted in one faith, spiritual seekers, and interspiritual pilgrims. There is no end to the riches that can be found and nurtured in these incredible resources!

We salute the SkyLight Illuminations series which offers access to the great classic texts in the world's religions. Each paperback presents an introduction, facing pages of commentary by an expert, and insights into the history, context, and meaning of the text. All 25 of these paperbacks are available through SkyLightPaths Publishing. Visit their website at


"To arrive at that which we know not, we must travel by a way which we know not."

— John of the Cross



"You can get something from a book. That something may be so important as to lead you to the recognition of the real thing."

— Idries Shah

Eastern Religions

"We have to allow what is good, beautiful, and meaningful in the other's tradition to transform us."

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Native American


"God enters by a private door into every individual.''

— Ralph Waldo Emerson